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    Sewing Tips and Tricks [ Needle Size ]

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    Want to know more about choosing the correct needle type and size?

    When you get a new sewing machine, you’re given a couple needles. And while that’s fantastic, they’re generally only one kind – Universal 80/12 or 90/14. As you sew more and more, you’ll soon realize that you need an arsenal of needles for all your projects. There are many brands out there and some machines are picky about the needles being used, but mine is not. However, I do have a preference on the needles I use. I’ve generally stuck to Organ brand (these are very sharp and strong, great for free motion quilting) and Schmetz Needles.

    Some needle types are used for denim, while others are for chiffon and organdy. Don’t know where to start? Pink Door Fabrics Needle Sizes-01The infographic above goes over a brief description on needles. The right number in the needle size is 12 in the graphic, and can go as small as 6 or 8 (very fine needle for lace, chiffon, etc.) and up to 20 (very thick and strong needle for leather and denim). I don’t typically follow the number on the left of the needle size.

    I will always use a universal 70/10 for piecing a quilt, 80/12 quilting needle for free motion quilting, and 90/14 for sewing pretty much anything, including dresses, zippers, etc.

    No matter what needles you choose, make sure you change the needle before beginning each new project or after 8-10 hours of use. You can tell a needle is getting dull by the sounds it makes going through the fabric sometimes, or if you’re getting snags in your fabric, or even if your thread is starting to shred. A lot of times, if you have skipped stitches occurring, it’s time to change the needle! If ever in doubt, just change the needle. It’s like the rotary blades we always forget to change, complain about when we have issues, and wonder why it took so long to change it out when it works amazingly.

    😉 Hope that helps!


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